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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I create an Account?

    Click Join Now

    To create an account you can click the join now button from the home page. The account types you can make are customer or technician.

  • What is a Technician Account?

    Anyone Providing a Service

    A technician account (or freelancer) is anyone providing a service to a business or customer. That can include sublet vendors, technicians for hire, shops renting equipment, mobile companies, and shops with a facility

  • What is a Customer Account?

    Anyone Looking for Services

    A customer account is anyone looking for automotive repair services. This can include Dealerships, Body Shops, Mechanic Shops, Fleet Companies, and Non-Industry Customers.

  • What is a Non-Industry Customer

    Any Customer Looking for Services

    A non-industry customer is anyone looking to get their car fixed (mechanical or collision repair).

  • How do I post a job?

    Within your Dashboard

    First log into your account. From any page, click on your profile icon in the top right corner. From the menu drop down manage projects and select post a job.

  • How do I accept a job?

    Submit Proposal

    When searching for open jobs and you find one in your criteria, you need to "submit proposal". From there you can set your price and time frame for completion and wait for a response.

  • How should I setup my profile as technician?

    With as much info as possible

    You want your user's to hire you for their job. Having a detailed profile is key to job acceptance. Add things like your skills, awards, type of technician, and profile photo to really stand out.

  • How should I setup my profile as a Customer?

    As detailed as possible

    Please provide details about yourself or your company. Add your company logo and any descriptions you can. 

  • What happens if I go to the job site and the work isn't ready?

    Contact us immediately

    If you show up to a job site and the work isn't ready, we will contact you and the shop/customer and find out what happened. We will then resolve the issue as needed.

  • How much should I charge for my service?

    That's up to you!

    At UpCollision we don't tell you what to charge for your services. But be mindful of market value and your skillset.

  • Can a technician take a job from a non-industry customer?

    Unfortunately, No

    In California it is illegal to do automotive repair on a customers (or non-industry customers) vehicle without a valid repair license from the B.A.R.

  • As a company providing a service, what happens if we damage something?

    You are liable for those damages

    If you damage something during the process of repairs, you are liable for those damages. Clients are entrusting your company with a lot, so please be diligent with your work.