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UpCollision was founded to change the way we conduct business in the collision industry. Too long have we done things like everyone else. How often has a shop had a technician call out sick for a day or more leaving the shop helpless to the work at hand? How often has a technician questioned their worth at their job or if they could work their own hours? How many shops have customers driven to for an estimate just to find out that they’re all pretty similar in price? You need a broken windshield replaced or your car towed somewhere and you call business after business for a quote.

At UpCollision we provide a site to solve these problems. We offer customers a way to post the repair they need and get quoted from technicians and shops. Shops can post a job and hire a technician for that day or a few hours. Shops and customers can find sublet vendors like mobile glass companies and towing. Technicians can work their own hours at their own set prices as much or as little as they’d like.